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Client Stories

From Hoarded to Harmony

Wilson was a mess!  He had lived with 76 other dogs and cats, had a fractured pelvis that healed poorly, had one eye removed, and the “good” eye is blind.  Yet he stole my heart in no time.

As a 7 pound Pomeranian, Wilson has Big Dog Syndrome.  At first, he guarded and protected his food and his space, including me. My husband wasn’t too pleased. Neither was our Tom cat.

With Amy’s help, Wilson has curbed may of his “naughty” behaviors and is learning to live in harmony with the whole family. Amy has helped bring a lot of peace to our household and to my dogs.

Amy’s patient, straightforward approach has given me a sense of calm, especially when I can’t get answers from the vets.  Amy always follows up to make sure things are going well.  I am never left hanging. I am blessed to have found her.

Kelly S.

Shiloh- Just Keeps Working

Shiloh has a work ethic that just doesn’t quit.   She’s an amazing Search and Rescue (SAR) dog. But at home, she wouldn’t rest until the whole house was quiet.  By 8 years old she has had both hips replaced, spinal surgery for a blown disc and has survived bloat.

With Shiloh’s nose so sensitive to scent, Amy was able to custom blend essential oils for Shiloh.  One oil to help her relax at home, and another to reduce general aches and pains.  Both worked great – for both of us! The oil remedy helped reduce Shiloh’s anxiety and pain (and the whining that goes with it).

Amy’s distance healing sessions have worked wonders for Shiloh, also.  There are times Shiloh would not have been able to perform a search without Amy’s help.  After each session Shiloh wasn’t as stiff or guarded, she moved more fluidly, that is until she would wreck herself again. Combining both the essential oils and energy headings Shiloh has a much better attitude toward everything!

Amy is very dedicated to her craft and works hard to help pets and people with what they are going through.   Thank you, Amy, for all you have done for Shiloh and I.

Diane S.

Behavior Changes from Vaccine Reaction

My cats are my kids. My vet recommended Amy when Willow had a vaccine reaction that significantly changed her behavior. I was hesitant at first because Amy appears dog focused, but am so glad I connected with her. Amy “gets it”. She completely understood Willow, my connection with Willow, and how her behavior was affecting the whole household.
The results were incredible. Amy helped us create solutions to help Willow recover and the whole family to live in peace. Even though Willow isn’t 100% cured, she is perfect to me and I can’t imagine living without her.
Amy empowered me to be a part of the healing process and even reached out to others for help. She always wanted what was best for us. It was never about her. I can’t imagine not having found Amy and am so grateful for all she’s done.

Marissa L.

From Puppy Mill to Pampered Dog

I adopted Ella when she was 9 years old.  Up till then, she had lived her entire life in a puppy mill and didn’t know how to be a dog.  She was afraid of my husband, afraid of noises, and when she wasn’t carrying around her stuffed ‘babies,’ she would hide in a corner.  I didn’t know how to help her.  My animal chiropractor recommended Amy.

I didn’t fully understand how Amy could work with animals from a distance but after her first report I didn’t question it as it was right on point.

After her first visit with Amy, Ella started coming out of her shell.  Typical of mill survivors her progress is two steps forward one step back, yet she continues to gain trust and confidence.  We even took our first mile long walk beyond our cul-de-sac

Amy has helped Ella learn to live a spoiled dog’s life.  And she has helped me be a better pet parent with her wealth of knowledge and ideas.  Those I have recommended her to are so thrilled with the results they are seeing in their own pets.  I will continue to highly recommend Amy to anyone seeking to better understand their pet’s behavior and health issues.

Kelly S.

Cancer Support


Kalika, my 5-year old Rottweiler has an infiltrative lymphoma. With the support of Healing Touch For Animals® and essential oils she is brighter, has more energy, more smiles, and is more active.

Denise S.

Emotional Healing


Amy took the time needed to help our cat Eva release a past trauma from Hurricane Katrina. Over a short time we watched Eva evolve from a very scared, traumatized, withdrawn cat to a confident cat who now seeks out our touch and affection.

Chris S.

Arthritis Relief


After a couple of Healing Touch For Animals® sessions, Ollie, my older Vizsla with arthritic hips, back and forelegs, were more flexible and he was wagging his tail again.

Rose Q.

Calming Fears

Our six month old adopted English Setter, Coal, came to us with giardia and noise phobias. Amy’s Animal Aromatherapy was our first step to recovery. Her class was so informative that I decided to have Amy come to our home to discuss Coal’s anxiety in his own surroundings. Amy suggested we try a new diet which has calmed his tummy. Amy had Coal choose his own oils. We were amazed how well Coal responded to TTouch and Aromatherapy. We can now run the microwave, toaster, and dishwasher without Coal going to his kennel to hide. Thanks to Amy’s expertise, our fur baby is making progress. Thank you Amy.

Pat and Dan P.

Pat and Dan P

Carsick- Ugh!

We went to the vet on Monday morning. No car sickness either way. It’s about an hour each way so plenty of time to get sick if she was going to. Also, she had lots of cookies at the vet. I will continue to use the peppermint oil when we go anywhere in the car. While this sure isn’t a big medical problem, it is a mess to clean up and not at all pleasant for the puppy I’m sure.

Maryanne J.

Maryanne J.

Renewed Vitality

I am with my animals every day and all day and I know from a distance how they are feeling. From day one I could see results. One old horse named Flash, who was nearly starved to death at age 34, was relaxed and taking deep breaths under Amy’s gentle hands. Flash went out into the pasture after the very first treatment and was running and kicking up her old heals with new vitality and energy that I hadn’t seen before.

Cherie M.

Cherie M.
Sundown Horse Shelter

A Special Tribute to Lwood:  Easing the Effects of Aging


"Hi, I’m LwooLwoodd, a 13+ year old lab/shepherd mix.  The humans tell me that makes me more than 100 years old in their years.  Hey, they didn’t need to tell me…..I know my body is old.  That’s how and why I started working with my good friend,  Amy DeLong.

As often happens as we age, our bodies change and wear out in various places.  For me, my back legs got weak and some of the muscles that controlled things like my digestion got weak too.  I had trouble taking my daily walks, would stumble and fall, could not get up on the couch without help, needed help on the stairs and had accidents in the house.  My human mom (HM) was happy to take care of me but thought perhaps there was something more to be done other than giving me another medication to help me with my problems.  Plus those meds didn’t help all that much and usually gave me a new problem.  Did I mention getting old is no fun?   So HM called Amy.

Once Amy starting using her skills and knowledge to help me, she put together a customized plan that would improve my life.  Her personalized plan for me included, distance energy work, Healing Touch for Animals, essential oils, referrals to the chiropractor, T-Touch,  animal communication, and flower essences.  In just a couple of sessions, my quality of life improved greatly.  Imagine my surprise when I could walk without stumbling over the curb, lift my leg to mark trees and stuff and surprise my HM by doing stairs all by myself!!

I also noticed some side effects.  First my ears didn't hurt and itch.  No one was putting stuff in my ears that made me shake my head a lot.  Secondly, my allergies were better and I hadn't been to the doctor for my normal summer time routine of antihistamines, antibiotics, steroids and antidepressants.  No itchy skin, runny eyes and nose, no chewing on my feet and I felt good, not weird and sleepy all the time.  Best of all and most unexpectedly ,the energy in my entire house had shifted.  My house was more peaceful.  No, I hadn't stopped barking!!  Everyone in my house seemed calmer, happier and more relaxed…..even the young block head lab was better behaved and HM seemed happier.  All because Amy helped me and my family.

Not only did she help me with my physical problems, she also helped us live better and more complete lives.  Even when I became ill and we all knew it was time for me to transition into my new life, Amy was there to help me and my family deal with end of life issues.  I was able to pass easier and more peacefully because Amy was there to help me relax and give me the spiritual support I needed.  She also helped me communicate with my HM and my HM with me.  Amy is also helping my canine sister Jimmie and brother Rocco as well as HM heal after my passing. .  I hear she is helping teach block head (Rocco) to swim….look for that story and maybe I’ll send photos!!

Amy has many natural healing abilities plus a ton of knowledge and resources.  She can help you heal not only your body but also your mind and spirit. Don’t worry, if some of this is not your kind of dog bone, it’s ok as Amy understands what you need and only offers what you are comfortable with.  She sees stuff that other folks can’t.  Now I know some of this seems hard to believe or understand, especially the distance energy work, but hey you are reading a story written by a dog from the other side so you must have an open mind.  Keep your mind open and call Amy to help your family, she will help you to a better life."

Lwood Bubba Blues  May 2010

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