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Meet Amy Williams DeLong

The look in your fur baby’s eyes, says it all.  Something’s wrong.

Your chest tightens as your mind races past all the reasonable explanations until it comes to a screeching halt at the worst-case scenario.  You ask yourself, “What do I do?”

Just about every pet parent I know has been there.  I’ve been there. So many times, I’ve lost count.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “Amy, if you’re such a pro, why have you asked, “What do I do?” so many times?  Don’t you have all the answers?”

The answers to “What do I do?” got me hereable to help you.

I’m a solution seeker, and I love research (yes, nerdy, I know.)

When I don’t have a solution, or don’t like the one I have, I go looking for one I can live with.

For example, in 2002, Shiva, my 7-year-old retriever, ran after a ball in the backyard.  Next thing I heard was her cry out in pain, and then helplessly watched as she limped back to the house on 3 legs.  She had torn her CCL (doggy ACL), and required knee surgery. 

Post-surgery care options barely existed 17 years ago.  The vet’s only suggestion was walking. In January. In Minnesota. On icy roads.  There’s no way a doctor would do that to a person!  I had a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, I knew there had to be a better option.

So, I started searching, and found rehab.  We drove 30 miles one-way to physical therapy and an underwater treadmill.  Soon after we added animal chiropractic and acupuncture to help with her hip dysplasia, and later, arthritis.  Gratefully, we were able to keep her moving and off pain meds for 5 more years.


Here’s a few other things you should know…

  • I love using essential oils, especially for anxiety and pain. I wanted to know everything I could about how to use them with animals so I signed up, completed a 300-hour program, and became a Certified Animals Aromatherapist.
  • Over the past 15 years I’ve earned several certifications including in Tellington TTouch® Method, Healing Touch for Animals®, Animal Communication, Massage, and Cranial Sacral Therapy.
  • My intuition is finely tuned with over 30 years’ experience in intuitive development, energy medicine, and the mind-body connection.
  • I assist an animal chiropractor and get hands-on neurology lessons. I’ve seen dogs and cats carried in and walk out. Love it!
  • I studied under Louise Hay and became a certified “Love Yourself, Heal Your Life” workshop facilitator.
  • I’ve attended several dog behavior workshops with trainers like Patricia McConnell and Suzanne Clothier.
  • I don’t just work with dogs.  I’ve worked with cats, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, snakes, and horses. My techniques work well for any animal- big and small.



My Passion for Rescue

Animals in need have a special place in my heart, and “rez” animals need help. My solution-seeking muscles get a workout organizing and supervising spay/neuter/wellness clinics for Red Lake Rosie Rescue on Red Lake Indian Reservation.

This is in-the-trenches shelter medicine, where sick and unwanted animals, trauma, and unfortunately euthanasia (when it’s the most humane option) are a constant.

I’ve been known to bring a rez pup, or two, home as foster dogs. These starved, neglected, literally mangy mutt’s lives are transformed through the comforts of home, good food, healing vibes, and lots of LOVE!


On a personal note…

I’m a soccer mom- my teenage son plays soccer year-round.  Like me, he’s an animal lover and volunteers with me at Red Lake Rosie clinics.

I’m a foster failure, or as I like to call it, a foster keeper.  We have 2 rez mutts, a leash reactive Border Collie, and an abused, hand-shy “rez” Quaker parrot.

Across the Rainbow Bridge are 3 dogs, a corn snake, a crested gecko, several beta fish and hermit crabs.

Here’s a few fun facts…

  • After college I became a professional ballroom dance instructor,long before ‘Dancing with the Stars’ was popular.
  • I love the old, classic, musicals. I’ve seen all the Fred and Ginger’s, Singin In the Rain, White Christmas, etc.  You name it, I’ve seen it.  More than once.
  • When I’m not studying aromatherapy, I love being out in nature or enjoying historical romance novels. My favorite is Pride and Prejudice.

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