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Meet Amy Williams DeLong


Solution Seeker

Living with pets, we all face challenges eventually.
Often the most difficult challenge is not knowing how to help them.

When I face challenges, I create solutions.  First, I get the eagle’s eye view of the situation (holistic approach), then use experience, logic, and intuition to create a solution. The plan might be a simple one step solution, or a work in progress.

If I need more facts, I go digging.  (I love research.  Nerdy, I know).

Wide Range of Experiences

Blending my love of science with my intuitive nature, my specialties are intuitive healing, animal aromatherapy, and integrative medicine.

However, for over 25 years, my love of learning has led me many places.   Here are the highlights…

  • I didn’t plan to work with animals.  I started with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and planned to customize exercise programs for people with arthritis, diabetes, and other medical conditions.
  • After college  I answered an ad for ballroom dance instructors. That resulted in teaching and competing for 5 years (long before ‘Dancing with the Stars’ was popular.  Yes-it was fun!).
  • With interests in energy medicine, intuitive development, and the mind-body-spirit connection,  I became a certified Louise Hay “Love Yourself, Heal Your Life” workshop facilitator, and studied with other spiritual teachers.
  • Tellington TTouch® Method appeared after my Border Collie had a negative training experience that left him leash reactive toward other dogs .  Together, we learned how to enjoy our walks again, strengthened our connection, and I earned Level 1 practitioner.
  • I assist an animal chiropractor and get hands-on lessons in neurology. (I love it! Nerdy?)
  • Having used essential oils personally for over 15 years, I know how effective they are.  Learning to use them safely and effectively with animals, it took required over 300 hours to become a Certified Animal Aromatherapist.
  • Some other certifications I’ve earned include in Healing Touch for Animals®, Animal Communication, Massage and Cranial Sacral Therapies.  I have also attended several dog behavior workshops.

Passionate About Rescue

Animals in need have a special place in my heart, and “rez” animals need help.  My problem-solving muscles really get a workout organizing and supervising spay/neuter/wellness clinics for the Red Lake Rosie’s on Red Lake Indian Reservation.  It is an in-the-trenches, shelter medicine, kind of rescue where I practice calm in the chaos.

Coordinating volunteers, assisting with surgery recovery and vaccinations, and dealing with the unexpected- are all expected.  The number of traumas, sick or unwanted animals is always an unknown.

Often a “rez” pup or two becomes a foster dog.  They enjoy the comforts of a home, eat well, and have healing vibes surround them.  Eventually we find their perfect forever home.  I love seeing lives transformed, and fostering these dogs offers a front row seat.

My family

My own family keeps me busy.  My teenage son is an animal lover and volunteers with me at clinics.  He also plays soccer year-round. (Yes- I’m a soccer mom).

Our animals include 3 dogs- a leash reactive Border Collie, a large, laid-back  mutt, and an allergy and digestive upset prone Pit mix.  And an rescued, hand-shy Quaker parrot.

Across the Rainbow Bridge are 3 dogs, a corn snake, a crested gecko, several beta fish and hermit crabs.


Now, I’d love to meet you and your animal family.

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