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Your heart aches watching your fur-baby struggle and you’re willing to do anything to relieve their suffering.  There is a way to help them…

  • Climb stairs and walk more easily despite their arthritis
  • Stop the scratching and heal their skin with non-toxic salves
  • Calm their anxiety so everyone can relax
  • Heal from their past and live in harmony with everyone in your home
  • Live the best life possible even as the end draws near

Let’s put an end their struggles and your heart ache, and find solutions so your fur-baby, and you, feel better!   

Using an holistic approach, I look at the big picture to get to the root of the cause. The info gathering process can include Q & A, a movement assessment, and animal communication.

Once we determine your fur-baby’s needs, we’ll select the best ways to meet those needs.  My tool kit is full of gentle, highly effective methods including, intuitive healing, aromatherapy (essential oils), animal communication, Tellington TTouch Method®, flower essences, homeopathy, and nutrition.  And sometimesreferrals for chiropractic, laser, or acupuncture.

I’ve helped many animals…Work with me

  • Calm Anxiety, Fears, and Noise Phobias
  • Ease Pain from Arthritis and Signs of Aging
  • Change Behaviors
  • Relieve Allergies
  • Reduce Aggression/Reactivity
  • Support Health during Illness, like Cancer and Injury
  • Hospice Care

 What you can expect…

Sessions are always in the comfort of your own home, where your fur baby is most comfortable.  Depending on where you live, your schedule, and situation, the sessions can be in-person house calls, or “virtual,” remote sessions.

House calls are great if you want to learn hands-on solutions you can do yourself.   For a virtual session, you send photo and video and we have the initial visit via phone chat. Then I intuitively work from a distance ad we chat again after the session.  Virtual sessions are very effective for all conditions, especially with pain.

All sessions include recommendations that will support your fur baby’s needs.

You might see changes immediately…

The number of sessions needed varies depending on your fur baby’s situation.  Sometimes a simple solution is all it takes.  Chronic issues can take longer.  Typically, after 1-2 sessions I have an idea of what you can expect.


The Scoop on Animal Aromatherapy…

Photo by T. Wallace

Aromatherapy, aka Essential Oils (EO’s), is very popular today.  If you aren’t using EO’s yourself, you probably know someone who is.  They are a wonderful way to relax, reduce pain and anxiety, treat wounds, and more- especially with animals.  Benefits of EO’s are the same for people or animals, but HOW we use them with animals is very different.

As the name suggests, Aroma is the most effective way to receive EO benefits.  Since an animal’s sense of smell far greater than humans, we must use EO’s cautiously with our animals.

For example, EO’s MUST BE DILUTED 1% or less with animals.  It is not based on weight and they should not be used undiluted (both are commonly made mistakes).

EO’s are generally not recommended for use with cats or birds.  Great news is that they aren’t left out. Hydrosols and carrier oils  are very safe and effective way to treat anxiety, wounds, pain relief, and more.

With the rise of EO use, there are many unsafe practices happening.  Learning from a professional is highly recommended.  I am a Certified Animal Aromatherapist. I have over 300 hours of training, have studied more than 100 individual oils, EO chemistry, carrier oils, blending methods, case studies, hydrosols, and more.  Education and safe practices are very important to me.  There’s a big difference between a Certified Aromatherapist and and essential oil distributor.

There are many factors to consider when using Essential Oils- especially with animals.  A consultation will help you get started using EO’s safely, with EO’s you already have, or where to buy.  Personalized, custom blends made for your fur-baby’s specific needs are also available.

 Want your fur baby to have the best life possible?     Let’s connect


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